Changing from proportional to Monospaced

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Changing from proportional to Monospaced

Post by jsimonoff » Fri Feb 27, 2004 12:32 am

:) I am a newly registered user of Font Creator 4

I am trying to change a tt condensed font to a mono spaced font that gives me 17cpi at 10pt.

:( Your help file says to change "advanced width" to the same #. What # should I use?

:( You say to alter on the header tab - uncheck box "Instructions may alter advanced width" I do not see this box,

:( What value should I set the "Fixed Pitch" setting on the Post tab?

:( The program does not provide a means for deleting the hdmx or the LTSH tables????


Dick Pape
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Post by Dick Pape » Wed Mar 10, 2004 6:36 pm

This post has been around for some time without a response so I will start. I don't have detailed knowledge of some of the questions you posed

My favorite method of learning how to do things is to see what others have done before. Thus, in this case find a monospaced font such as these from:

Copyright Family
Bitstream Inc. CentSchBook Mono BT
Bitstream Inc. Clean
Bitstream Inc. LettrGoth12 BT
Bitstream Inc. OCR-A BT
Bitstream Inc. OCR-B 10 BT
Bitstream Inc. Orator10 BT
Bitstream Inc. Orator15 BT
The Monotype Corp. Andale Mono
The Monotype Corp. Andale Mono IPA
The Monotype Corp. Arial Alternative
The Monotype Corp. Courier New
The Monotype Corp. CreepyGraves
The Monotype Corp. Monospac821 BT
The Monotype Corp. OCR A Extended
The Monotype Corp. OCR-A
The Monotype Corp. OCR-B
The Monotype Corp. QuickType Mono

Since I've never done what you are asking for I wouldn't fathom a guess to some of the numbers, but you can try then asssess what impact each of your changes has until it you are satisfied. Very scientific.

1. The Advance Width setting depends upon on the width of your characters! What is it now? Look at W, M for extreme width. These may have to be manually narrowed to fit your needs.

Advance Width with varies between fonts, but is the same for all chars within the font. Thereby the font is called "Monopaced". You're welcome.

There was White Space Before or After or negative Left Side Bearings so it appears you have some leeway in where a glyph is positioned within the Advance Width. Trial or Error.

2. Character width or advance width of 17cpi at 10pt could be calculated by someone. Not me.

One nit I have found is that there is no discernable difference between two fonts (one regular and one condensed) when you adjust them to appear to be the same size. That is, you can fake a condensed font by lowering the point size.

3 When you have standardized the Adv Width how close is the result to "17cpi at 10pt" ? If your characters are too large for you reduce the size and "retry" -- very easy: Tools/Glyph Transformer.

3. The Fixed Pitch settings I saw were 0 or 1 or 65535(! -1?).

4. What's the purpose of deleting the hdmx or LTSH tables?

I do hope my words are of some help. I feel better.

Dick Pape

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Post by Hutschi » Mon May 03, 2004 12:30 pm


I habe just a little question:

What is the meaning of "BT" in the font names?

Best regards

Bhikkhu Pesala
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Post by Bhikkhu Pesala » Mon May 03, 2004 2:08 pm

BT = Bitstream
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