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Dealing with italics

Posted: Fri Mar 26, 2004 11:40 pm
by nayhem
Hey all... Came across this program while looking for a way to deal with a poorly designed font. Before, I created a macro to alleviate kerning issues with a script font known as "Basic Regular ttnorm". I suppose it's an amateur creation--the major problem is that the individual metrics were set to each glyph's actual bounds, not to "fontographically correct" standards. Thus, letters like the lowercase "F" have lots of trailing space, while the lowercase "r"--which curiously has no initial vertical--hugs the letter before it.

FCP4 helped fix many of the problems, but I hadn't found a way to easily meter the glyphs with knowledge of the italic angle. I ended up metering each individual glyph, though the auto-functions gave me a good start. Are metrics exclusively vertical, or can obliques be factored into their calculation, especially in FCP4? What other considerations are there when dealing with fonts that are inherently oblique?

Thanks in advance.