Back from the dead and with fury in my blood

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Back from the dead and with fury in my blood

Post by ShawnDion » Sun Apr 19, 2015 1:06 am

Hey everyone,
the devil back in full force first thing I'm going to do is fix that darn slow font on the site as I totally revamped the way how my color font system works and will be opening a color font converter site that you can convert any image to a glyph to add to your fonts (Hint save the code as all the processing will be done locally as I have enough cat pictures to last me a lifetime :lol: )

Ok so here's my question as someone asked me how to vertical stack fonts (To make puzzles fit the pieces) I know the word processor approach but I prefer to cheat the system =) and openoffice only does 50% proportional fit. (I want to make overlapping without cutoffs)

The one that can find me a fix for this gets my new tool that creates 768 glyphs that covers all 16 million colors for your images (Requires imagemagick, potrace but all are portable apps) it's a crazy app slow as hell you need lots of ram to pull it off but it will work on xp and up.

Simply put it breaks the image in R G B then splits every color ratio from 0 to 255 with imagemagick and potrace makes the layers into pdf to drag them in then the macro changes the colors for all 768 glyphs making all the stack-able layers end up with a almost flawless full colored image.

If you want to do your own quick test just convert a image to cmyk add them to inkscape and make them 80% transparent stack them and you'll notice it's almost the same as your original with a darker hue (Don't use the K layer)

Well I'm glad to be back and it's time I fix up the SocialFonts page it's a darn disgrace it's just too darn slow.

Also the secret to making FontCreator the multi billion dollar software is a easy one a simple import option of a color list that replaces the color of every glyph in a set based on a palette import and well any colored font can be made instead of typing every color into the tool.

Shawn W. Dion

Also I'll have a tutorial at the end of the month in showing how Scanahand can pull off color and that with fontcreator you can create red reveal designs (Those secret decoders)

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