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Font Vendor

Post by William »

I notice that Format | Settings... | General has a section named Font Vendor and that Fomat | Naming... has two Font Vendor possibilities, one under Windows and one under Mackintosh.

The help file has two entries for Font Vendor, one for each of the above it appears.

In the Format | Settings... | General Font Vendor, the default is HL, which, by the definition given in the help page, is incorrect for my own fonts.


Font Vendor - Identification

This is not the royalty owner of the original artwork. This is the company responsible for the marketing and distribution of the typeface that is being classified. It is reasonable to assume that there will be 6 vendors of ITC Zapf Dingbats for use on desktop platforms in the near future (if not already). It is also likely that the vendors will have other inherent benefits in their fonts (more kern pairs, unregularized data, hand hinted, etc.). This identifier will allow for the correct vendor's type to be used over another, possibly inferior, font file. This field is not required.

Microsoft has assigned values for some font suppliers. Uppercase vendor ID's are reserved by Microsoft. Other suppliers can choose their own mixed case or lowercase ID's, or leave the field blank.

end quote

So, I am wondering whether I can alter the value of that field and, if it can be done, how to proceed. I would prefer to add my own code, yet if that is not possible I would prefer to leave it blank.

Does anyone know whether there is a four-character limit on the size of this field or whether that is just the maximum length of the examples in the drop-down list. Do I need to register a code with Microsoft even if it contains some lowercase characters?

William Overington

24 September 2004
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