trying to create new font

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trying to create new font

Post by basiktyler » Wed May 17, 2017 10:14 am

I am trying to create a new font. I want the new font to include the standard 236 glyphs plus the 96 katakana glyphs.
Open FC and select File->new. This created the 236 standard glyphs. Next I selected Insert->character and added 96 katakana characters (30a1-30fe). So far so good.

Next I opened a 2nd session of Font creator and loaded a free japanese font pack that contained over 14,000 glyphs and copied only the 96 Katakana characters to the clip board. I then went back into the 1st session of FC and pasted the 96 glyphs into my new font.

Then selected AutoNaming and followed the prompts to properly name the font. Saved the font. Everything is A or ok right???

Now the problem, when Wordpad loads the font it thinks the katakana characters I type in Wordpad are MSMincho font and not the new font I created...while the standard numeric characters are shown correctly as the new font created.

So did I goof up some where?

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Re: trying to create new font

Post by PJMiller » Wed May 17, 2017 5:21 pm

Did you use Paste or Paste Special to put the glyphs into your font ?

If you just pasted them in then the outlines would be pasted but none of the metadata so they would not have codepoints and so Wordpad would use a fallback font which may well be MSMincho.

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