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(Arabic) How to replace characters with mark?

Posted: Fri Jun 29, 2018 8:08 am
by M Hatim Kausarali

I want to replace a character with a mark.
I tried to replace the right and left curly bracket with arabic superscript alef and subscript alef, it works,
I also changed the type of it from simple to mark, I also added them in the class group of mark, and even positioning of them was possible.

But the main problem is that as in other marks there is the cursive continuation of the characters, but on the character on which this replaced marks (superscript alef and subscript alef instead of the right and left curly bracket) is placed, that character comes to it's final form and the cursiveness and continuation of that character is not maintained.

To be very Precise please help me with this issue:
"changing: an opening/a closing punctuation mark (of a pair) to a nonspacing combining mark (zero advance width)"

Please help me out,

Thank you.