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Multi Coloured Glyphs

Posted: Sun Apr 07, 2019 3:13 am
by Anne Hext
I have been looking at making a multi coloured glyph but I cannot get into the method. Do you have a tutorial with video to show on this?
If not perhaps I am just missing some small points.
1. I open an edit window and go to colour mode
2. choose a letter by pressing + in the box on the left.
then I am supposed to copy it but I cannot because the copy button is greyed out.
3. I chose another letter by pressing the + again and it came down fine
4. I pressed the up arrow till the second letter was first then I coloured it a different colour to the first.
5. I took colour mode off but when I tried to alter them they both changed shape.

there are obviously some steps I have missed.
Could someone please fill then in for me.

Re: Multi Coloured Glyphs

Posted: Sun Apr 07, 2019 4:46 am
by Bhikkhu Pesala
I moved your thread to the support forum.

This is the tutorial on Creating Multicoloured Glyphs

To Add a Colour Glyph Member
  1. Click the Add [+] button
  2. Type part of the glyph name in the filter field of the dialogue to find it quickly, or just scroll to select it.
  3. Select one of more glyphs
  4. Sort them into the correct stacking order using the Up/Down Arrow buttons
Select Colour Glyph Member.png
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