b;o;w;v in handwritten font

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b;o;w;v in handwritten font

Post by brother » Fri Dec 06, 2002 1:53 am

I'm new to this so I may not use the right terminology.

I wanted to create a font of my own handwriting, but do not understand how to make a transition from letters like b, o, w, or v that end above the baseline to the next letter that starts at the baseline. When I am actually writing, I will adjust the next letter to accept the end of a b, but in the font I created this it just looks like a discontinuity between the letters.

Any suggestions?

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Post by Jowaco » Fri Dec 06, 2002 5:04 pm

I assume that you wish to make a cursive (joined up) handwriting font.
What I suggest at the moment is that you do not give up. It is a satisfying thing in the end. The best I can suggest at the moment is that you open an installed font such as Brush Script, Lucida Handwriting Italic or Mistral and examine the designers' ways of doing what you wish. The important things to keep in mind are:
.....the position of the glyph in the edit window
.....the left and right bearing positions
I prefer the Brush Script method i.e. place your character at x=0 or near, place the left bearing also at x=0 and place the right bearing just short of the joining stroke (ligature).
Ask again if this does not help.

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