Art Deco and Stuyvesant

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Art Deco and Stuyvesant

Post by William » Thu Nov 24, 2005 10:26 pm

I saw a television programme today, set in New York, which appears to have actually been filmed on location in New York and featured, just as part of the setting of a story, an apartment building which had some magnificent Art Deco lettering, such as the word ELEVATOR above the elevator where the VA combination is kerned and the O has a vertical straight edge on the inside left of the letter and the centre horizontal spar of the E is about one third of the way up of the distance from the lower horizontal spar to the upper horizontal spar. The raised lettering appeared to be cast in a goldish sort of colour as part of the panel. There were also panels with sort of raised Art Deco border units.

The building appeared to have the name STUYVESANT in it. There was also a stylish Art Deco S logo possibly in stone.

I have searched at Google and found the following. ... t&bid=5367

However, I have not as yet found anything about Art Deco lettering and that building and it may or may not be the right building.

Does anyone have any information which could help track down this font please?

There was quite a lot of Art Deco ornamentation in the general background so it was quite possibly a real location rather than a stage set.

William Overington

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