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Your Handwriting II program

Posted: Thu Aug 02, 2007 9:50 am
by William
A copy of the Your Handwriting II program was purchased in a special offer from Serif over a year ago yet had not been used properly until recently as the scanner here was not installed. A new scanner has now been obtained and the Your Handwriting II program tried.

I was already using FontCreator to make fonts when the email offering Your Handwriting II arrived and I knew that I could make a handwriting font using FontCreator and had indeed done so.

What interested me about the Your Handwriting II program and which was the factor which led to the purchase was the following in the email offering the package.

Create your font using only six handwritten letters and the Intelligent Font Analyzer

Some readers might be interested to have a look at the following thread, particularly as FontCreator has been used to study the fonts produced and FontCreator has been used directly on the scans of the artwork as well: the thread is not about the Intelligent Font Analyzer but about producing fonts from scans, yet hopefully will nonetheless be of interest.

William Overington

2 August 2007