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Hyperlinks to fonts stuff

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http://members.xoom.virgilio.it/dtp/pap ... anuale.htm
Download site for a PDF version of the book “Fontographer: Type by Design” by Stephen Moye.
A great book for learning about font design. I imagine that it is an infringement of the author’s copyright to download this book, but as the hard copy book is currently out-of-print, and in light of it’s current second-hand price of US$1,347.95 at Amazon.com......well, it’s up to you. The book is based around the font creation program Fontographer, but it contains more information about the general principles of electronic font design than it does about Fontographer. Ignore what the writer says about quadratic Bezier curves, such as those used by Font Creator, because he has leapt to assumptions on this question, perhaps understandably, but based on ignorance nonetheless.

Typophile Forums
A good online forum for professional font designers and hangers-on. I found the link to “Fontographer: Type by Design” on the Typophile Forums. There is another forum, The Type Designers' Forum, more geared to professionals, at http://www.typedesign.org/

Luc Devroye’s home page
This web site contains a huge, well-organised collection of annotated hyperlinks to anything and everything connected with fonts, put together by a university fonts researcher. Check out Fonts (research) | Fonts (link pages).

Fontographer Workshop
A tutorial on the font creation program Fontographer. Sure, Fontographer is not the same as Font Creator, but some parts of the tutorial are just as applicable to Font Creator as they are to Fontographer.

http://www.underconsideration.com/speak ... raphy.html
Speak Up Typography Archives
The typography section of a graphic arts e-zine---just the place for a budding font addict.

A Brief History of Type
The page title says it all---a good potted history of fonts.

Type Books for the Well-Read Typographer
Again, the title says it all---check out the books that professional font designers value.
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