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Font Obfuscator Tool

Post by William » Thu Oct 04, 2007 8:42 am

I often have a look at the web page, which provides a "latest at the top" display of new articles in Adobe blogs.

This morning I have found the following article. ... _tool.html

There are various items linked from within the article.

I have not studied it in detail at this time, yet I am making a note here as finding the article later, once some later blog articles by various authors have appeared, might be quite difficult without the permalink address of the article being readily available in a known place. As I write this post, the blog article is third down the page in a list of thirty blog articles.

Off-topic, another blog article which was near the top recently yet is now hard to find unless one first of all already knows what one is looking for and where to look is as follows. ... ation.html

However, I hope that that article, the linked video and my comments might be of interest to some readers.

It has occurred to me that the Street View facility might allow a view-from-home look at the typography of signs in the various cities for which Street View is implemented.

William Overington

4 October 2007

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