Are OpenType and budget software incompatible?

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Re: Are OpenType and budget software incompatible?

Post by William » Thu Jan 13, 2011 9:22 am

perryl788 wrote: Thanks for the software tip. I have not used Serif WebPlus Starter Edition, but it looks like it will serve well to meet my needs. do you all know if there is a mac version of this software. If there is not a mac version, is there something like it on the mac side. Thanks for your help.

I have only just noticed your post.

All of the Serif software is, as far I know, only available for PCs.

As for software for a mac, I regret that I have almost no knowledge or experience of macs.

The Serif Starter Editions are good. There are several for different products. At least some of them add in some fonts to the fonts folder of a PC when being installed.

William Overington

13 January 2011

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