Italic on roadsigns

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Italic on roadsigns

Post by William » Sat May 09, 2009 7:22 am

I noticed an example of italic being used on a roadsign, in Google StreetView. ... 3,,2,-2.09

I cannot remember having noticed italic used on a roadsign previously.

Interestingly, if one zooms out from that view, so that the movement command arrows become displayed, and one then moves a few goes in the direction indicated by the roadsign, one then arrives at a pair of roadsigns. The following display is a zoomed-in display. ... 2,,3,-0.48

Each sign mixes roman and italic, with different spellings.

I wonder if one is for the national language and one for the local language.

Does anyone know about this please?

More generally, has anyone noticed italic used on a roadsign anywhere else in the world please?

William Overington

9 May 2009

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