A 1581 book with interesting typography

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A 1581 book with interesting typography

Post by William » Sat Nov 07, 2009 9:48 am

I found the following on the web.


The title of the original book is as follows.

A discourse in commendation of the valiant as vertuous minded gentleman, Maister Frauncis Drake

For the benefit of readers learning English, I mention that the modern spelling is "virtuous".

The title page is displayed by the following link.

http://www.wdl.org/en/item/623/pages.ht ... e/1/page/4

The book is dated 1581.

The book has some interesting single type borders.

There are various sorts used in combination to produce designs.

On page 6, I noticed that on one line there is long s k without a special ligature sort and later a long s h with a ligature sort.

So the font had some ligatures yet a long s k ligature was not used: so maybe a long s k ligature was not available in the font or maybe a long s k ligature was available in the font yet was not used.

It appears that a long s i ligature may have been used.

I am wondering how the long s a, long s e, long s o and long s u were produced.

I am wondering whether the long s had what would have been a very long overhanging piece or whether, in each case, the two letters are on the same piece of type, in the same way as a ligature even though the printing areas do not touch.

On page 8, there is use of a blackletter font.

William Overington

7 November 2009

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