Web font test page - OpenType features not working?

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León Fridsma
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Web font test page - OpenType features not working?

Post by León Fridsma » Wed Apr 24, 2013 3:46 pm

There are several reasons why OpenType Layout Features may not be working in your webbrowser. This is a list of problems we have encountered:
  • Your webbrowser does not support OpenType Layout Features. Browsers currently known not to support them at all:
    • Opera below version 15
    • Apple Safari for Windows (any version)
  • The feature you are trying to test is not supported by your webbrowser.
Other reasons why the OpenType Layout Features on the test page might not be working:
  • The test page requires javascript to be enabled. Please make sure it is enabled and your security settings is not blocking the script required by the test page.
If you encounter other problems related to web fonts, do let us know!

Also let us know if you are using a more recent web browser with more support for OpenType layout features.

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