[CLOSED] Typographic Family value not being output to TTF

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[CLOSED] Typographic Family value not being output to TTF

Post by ClintGoss »

If I set:

>> Font Properties => Extended => Typographic Family

to a value, the output .TTF file does not have that value in Name Table ID 16. This may happen because:

>> Font Properties => Extended => Typographic Subfamily

is blank. Or maybe because Typographic Family matches the setting in:

>> Font Properties => Identification => Font Family

My situation is analogous to the OpenType Spec, Name String Examples section, the 5th example, where

Name ID 1 = Arial
Name ID 2 = Regular
Name ID 4 = Arial
Name ID 16 = Arial
Name ID 17 = <blank>

... and if FC is not outputting name ID 16 because of any of the potential reasons I mentioned, then I can't actually get the behavior recommended by the OpenType Spec.

I have not done extensive testing on this ... I could attempt to track this down with more testing, but thought you might have a quick explanation of the FC behavior ...
Erwin Denissen
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Re: Typographic Family value not being output to TTF

Post by Erwin Denissen »

FontCreator excludes it due to this rule in the specs:
If name ID 16 is absent, then name ID 1 is considered to be the typographic family name.
Erwin Denissen
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