The FontCreator's palette has a bug.

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The FontCreator's palette has a bug.

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Hi, i is a user of FontCreator. I am currently experiencing a bug with the palette tool:
Save the palette as a ".cpal" file, delete the palette from the list, keep only one (or more), and then open (load) the saved ".cpal" file.At this point, you will find that the list items have not changed as expected, that is, the palette that should have appeared has not.They don't appear until the [+] button is clicked, but then there is a redundant palette item (just added).
The current version of FontCreator That I am using is I do not know whether this problem still exists in the latest version. If this bug has not been fixed, I hope you can fix it.
Note: The [palette] tool is actually a set of selected colors, which can be called "color scheme" or "color set", to distinguish it from the name of this tool.
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Re: The FontCreator's palette has a bug.

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No such problem here. The only issue is that the current palette must not have more colours than the palette being loaded. You have the latest version installed. What is your OS version?

Original Palette
Palette 1.png
Palette 1.png (7.03 KiB) Viewed 747 times
Loaded Palette
Verajja Palette.png
Verajja Palette.png (7.03 KiB) Viewed 747 times
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