Fonts and MS Word

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Fonts and MS Word

Post by Jowaco » Sun Oct 26, 2003 3:00 pm

It has been mentioned previously that MS Word and probably other applications need to have certain characters present in the font in use. If these characters are not present in the font then, MS Word, in its 'factory settings' condition, refuses to print them.

Erwin Denissen poited out:
$201C " (decimal 8220) Left Double Quotation Mark
$201D " (decimal 8221) Right Double Quotation Mark
$2018 ' (decimal 8216) Left Single Quotation Mark
$2019 ' (decimal 8217) Right Single Quotation Mark

Word also automatically changes 3 periods to an ellipsis $2026 (decimal 8230). You can fix this in two ways: add an ellipsis to the font you're using, or you can turn off this "feature". It's under Tools -> AutoCorrect.

I would include endash $2013 (decimal 8211) and emdash $2014 (decimal 8212) as causes of similar trouble.

MS Word also makes use of periodcentred $00B7 · (decimal 0183), paragraph $00B6 ¶ (decimal 0182) and currency $00A4 ¤ (decimal 0164) characters after pressing the ¶ button to show up paragraph marks and spaces in standard documents and in tables. If they are not present in the font in use they will not show up. For some reason the tab arrow does show up although it may not be a character included in the font in use.

There will undoubtedly be other characters which need to be present in a font to satisfy MS Word but I haven't found them yet. I would like to make the list complete.


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