If you Have Kerning why do you need Metrics

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If you Have Kerning why do you need Metrics

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Maybe I am overlooking the obvious, but if I have the ability to kern a font than what is the value of the metrics, figuring where the left and side bearing seems to be and issue for me when trying to get them in the right place to get the font to space characters properly. Is there something on line that explain how to properly use each feature Metrics, Kerning when making a font.
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Re: If you Have Kerning why do you need Metrics

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If you calculate or manually adjust the side-bearings carefully, you will need fewer kerning pairs and smaller kerning values.

Use Optical Metrics if you have the Professional version and let FontCreator calculate the optimal bearings for you.

See this thread on Optical Metrics

Take the Kerning Test to practise your skills at spacing type correctly.
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