Ligatures in Microsoft Word

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Ligatures in Microsoft Word

Post by harryspier123 » Sun Sep 24, 2017 12:05 am

1) I have created two different fonts that have OpenType ligatures. Both fonts display ligatures correctly in LibreOffice and PDF's created from LibreOffice. But only one font displays the ligatures in Word while the other font doesn't. I've tested both fonts in the same Word file at the same time so the word file settings are the same. Both font ligature lookup tables have script is Latn, the language default, and the lookup table is rlig. The only difference that I can see is that the font that works is a unicode font with latin letters. The font that doesn't display the ligatures correctly is a very non-unicode font. It uses the latin character positions and other areas (and the private use area) but the glyphs are devanagari (an Indian script).

Can anyone point out areas I should be looking at.

2) I'm unclear how the "script" and "language" settings you set when creating a ligature lookup table are used by Word or other word processing programs. Do applications look at your computer locale settings to see if they apply the ligatures? Or are these settings used at all by word processors?


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