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Font foundry info?

Posted: Fri Jan 04, 2019 11:05 pm
by Psymon
When I look at my currently installed fonts in MainType, many (but not all) of the fonts have something listed under the "Foundry" column -- lots of Adobe, Bitstream, and other well-known names (along with a few not-so-well known). My fonts are just blank in that column, though.

Where does one fill in this information? I put "Psymon" (the name I publish, etc. under) in the "Vendor (Manufacturer)" field in the "Legal" tab in the Font Properties dialogue -- seems like the only place I could find anywhere in there where one would put something like that. Obviously that's not it, though. I would have thought this info would have been something you'd find in the "Identification" or "Extended" tab, but it seems not -- can't find anything else like that anywhere else, though.

How does one add that info in? :roll: