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Post by Psymon » Sat Jan 05, 2019 3:50 am

Every time I think I'm finally nearly finished with my fonts, I come across yet another thing I'd like to add in -- this time ordinals! I came across this thread rather by accident, while searching for something else here...


I never realized that ordinals were something done in the font itself, I thought it was something done at the other end, by the word processing software (or whatever). Well, la-di-da, now I'd love to add that feature into my fonts, too! But how? I've searched the forums here and the closest thing that I could find to a tutorial (apart from the above thread) was this one from Bhikkhu...


I gather what I want to do is create a "chained context lookup," but I haven't got the first clue how to go about that -- and searching for that on here, I find very little info about that, too. I've already done lookups for ligatures, lining figures, and smallcaps -- is this sort of lookup difficult to do? Is there a tutorial on doing lookups for ordinals somewhere on here (that I couldn't seem to find)?

Or would some kind soul like to teach me how to do this? :)

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