Creating a Copy of a Composite Glyph

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Creating a Copy of a Composite Glyph

Post by ClintGoss » Fri Aug 09, 2019 4:04 pm

I would like to copy a composite glyph into an empty glyph and have an exact copy of the original (i.e. a composite glyph with the same components with their move/scale parameters). I am doing this to create a starting point for a new glyph.

Using FC Pro 11.5, when I ...

A) copy/paste in the overview window, the glyph is pasted as a simple glyph.

B) When I open two glyph edit windows and select any of the component glyphs (or all of them) in the source glyph, when I paste into the destination glyph edit window, I get a composite glyph with a single component that points to the destination composite glyph - i.e. I get a composite of the composite.

Neither of these works for me ... and rather than re-building the composite glyph element-by-element, I'm hoping there's a simple cut-paste strategy for this. Is there??

Erwin Denissen
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Re: Creating a Copy of a Composite Glyph

Post by Erwin Denissen » Fri Aug 09, 2019 4:32 pm

There is no easy way with version 11.5, but FontCreator 12 has formulas.
Erwin Denissen
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