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Beyond Arabic Arial: CASE STUDY

Posted: Wed Apr 29, 2020 2:13 am
by Husham
Arabic Arial:
1- It is have 126 Arabic Glyphs (I mean Arabic language used in Arabic country region)
2- Isolated Glyphs merged with Arabic Basic Glyphs* (two code points)
3- Final Glyphs = Arabic Basic Glyphs ... (Same Shapes Design)
alef-arab.fina, alefhamzaabove-arab.fina, alefmaddaabove-arab.fina, alefhamzabelow-arab.fina, tehmarbuta-arab.fina, hah-arab.fina, khah-arab.fina, jeem-arab.fina, ain-arab.fina, ghain-arab.fina, alefmaksura-arab.fina, yeh-arab.fina
4- Medial Glyphs = Initial Glyphs (Same Shapes Design)
ain-arab.medi, ghain.medi
feh-arab.init and qaf-arab.init (Difference Shapes Design)

5- Lillah Glyphs = allah-arab.isol
6- hamza-arab.isol = hamza-arab

I will apply Arabic Arial techniques (and what is beyond)
the standard will be the Numbers of Glyphs we will see three fonts:
1- Arabic1 have 164 glyphs
2- Arabic2 have 126 glyphs (Arabic Arial approach)
3- Arabic3 have 67 glyphs
Comparision.jpg (255.53 KiB) Viewed 1842 times
The Outcomes of test three font above are the same! as shown in the picture.

The question is which approach is better (Arabic1, Arabic2, or Arabic3)?

* see attached files please

Re: Beyond Arabic Arial: CASE STUDY

Posted: Wed Apr 29, 2020 6:53 am
by Erwin Denissen
I won't comment on your actual question, as I don't know the answer.

The fonts seems to have some glyphs with an incorrect advance width: alefhamzabelow-arab and yehhamzaabove-arab.fina.

Also it might be better to keep your "root" glyphs in the actual font projects, and exclude them from exporting. It improves your font design workflow.

Re: Beyond Arabic Arial: CASE STUDY

Posted: Wed Apr 29, 2020 8:15 am
by Husham
Thank you Mr. Erwin for your reply, I will check the advance width, reducing numbers of glyphs in this idea depends on manipulating the bearings and adjustment of shapes design like what they did in Arial Font, for example they remove the connection part from the right side of medial forms and Compensate it with initials forms and adjust the bearings.
As for roots I removed it in purpose, but I could keep it. Maybe I will make a project about it and post it here. Regerds