Vector Contours Changes from Clipboard

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Vector Contours Changes from Clipboard

Post by pt_crusier_2002 »

Using Corel Draw 6 to import my vector character outlines to the clip board then to Font Creator 9. The vector outline look correct in Corel Draw, but when I paste them into Font Creator program from the clipboard the contours change, sharp corners round, curve change to straight line segments, etc. What do I need to do to prevent the vector contours from changing when importing, is there an easy solution to this problem?
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Re: Vector Contours Changes from Clipboard

Post by MikeW »

Export to eps. Import the eps. Figure out from that import what the scale should be set in FC'S Options to get as close to the size as you need.

I do batches of characters in Xara Designer Pro or CorelDraw this way. I use a template in either application for baselines, etc using guidelines. As I complete them I export and move on to the next one and so on. Then import into FC.

It's a pity the importing from the clipboard is wonky from anything other than Illy.

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Re: Vector Contours Changes from Clipboard

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Why are you asking this question again?

Wasn't the answer in your previous thread of any help?
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