Excel doesn't support kerning, help!

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Excel doesn't support kerning, help!

Post by x6tr2ni » Mon Sep 19, 2016 9:45 am

I'm wondering if there is a workaround for applications that don't support kerning. I have a lot of premade documents on Excel that I want to apply my newly created font to, but then I found out that Excel didn't support kerning and all the characters are oddly spaced. I'm wondering if there is a workaround that doesn't involving kerning. How do other fonts maintain even spacing without kerning? Thanks for the help.

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Re: Excel doesn't support kerning, help!

Post by Bhikkhu Pesala » Mon Sep 19, 2016 10:11 am

Apparently, you're right.
Jon Peltier, Microsoft Excel MVP wrote:Excel doesn't support kerning. If you're going to use 8 point fonts, you
have to pick a font that looks okay a 8 points without custom kerning.
If you have FontCreator Pro, you can run the Autometrics, Optical Metrics wizard. This will adjust left and right side-bearings for your font to get the best results that are attainable without kerning. Inevitably, some pairs like AT of LT will not be well spaced without kerning.
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