Composite Glyphs with Negative X Scales

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Composite Glyphs with Negative X Scales

Post by stormag » Thu Dec 20, 2018 11:02 pm

I'd like to report that some of my software (including Windows 7 standard font preview window and MS Word 2010) seem to have some issues processing composite glyphs that have the "Use this glyph's metrics" flag checked (possibly in conjunction with negative X scale of the glyph member).

It's easy to fix (uncheck it and set the bearings manually. Tip:

you might as well save your font, exit FC and open it once again, ultimately load the font project back. Then, after unchecking the "Use this glyph's metrics" flag, the bearings will stay (presumably desirable) in »this glyph's metrics« location — the original bearing values will be "forgotten"). It might save you some typing.

I guess it's something that might be improved, though.
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