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Herb Garden

Post by William » Sat Apr 21, 2007 8:15 am

I have just added my Herb Garden font, version 0.09, to the web.


This is the first publication of the font itself, this is version 0.09, produced earlier this morning: version 0.07 was used to produce one of the documents linked in the following post.


For completeness I mention that that thread starts as follows.


The additions are some more ligature glyphs, in particular an AR ligature which I have used to produce the following logo.

http://www.users.globalnet.co.uk/~ngo/s ... ogo003.gif

Some readers may remember the earlier version of the logo which is linked from the following post.


I produced stardisclogo003.gif using Serif PagePlus 10, setting the text centred in 72 point in blue in a text frame and then exporting the contents of the selected frame as a gif. The PagePlus program uses the kerning information from a font, in fact as the default setting in the PagePlus 10 system which I am using. I had not, in fact, been aware of the kerning facility in the program until a few days ago: it gives me an incentive to use kerning in some of my fonts.

When producing the font I added kerning pair information for A with V, T with A and T with the AR ligature glyph. This was partly to learn about kerning and partly so as to be able to produce the STARDISC logo in one go, straight from PagePlus. The gif is exactly as PagePlus produced it.

The font also has a number of other features which might be of interest.

There are visible glyphs for eight control codes. The font appears to contain them correctly, yet I have not been able to display them anywhere, such as in WordPad or PagePlus.

As far as I know it should be possible to include the character codes in Unicode plain text files, so I thought that visible glyphs might be useful for when preparing plain text files containing them. So, can anyone display the glyphs in any application please?

Amongst the glyphs for ligatures are some with i and also a glyph for a pl ligature. These are related to the following thread about Gutenberg and ligatures.


That thread has had 2446 views as the time of writing this post. The topic of whether Gutenberg used more ligatures than those of which scholarship is currently aware is still of interest to me. It is something which could possibly be tested by the advanced analysis techniques mentioned in the television programs mentioned in that thread. So, I added the glyphs for some such ligatures to this font in the hope of generating interest in the idea.

William Overington

21 April 2007

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