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Post by William » Mon Oct 24, 2005 6:07 pm

Thinking about typefaces and the sort of typeface which I would like to design, I remembered a typeface named Bologna which I saw many years ago in a metal type catalogue of an English Company named Stephenson Blake.

I tried a search at for the following.

Stephenson Blake Bologna

This provided various links, including one which seems to have nothing to do with the font yet which is listed because it contains references to both Stephenson Blake and also to the Italian City of Bologna.
However, the pdf document thus linked is an interesting document, so I am linking to it here. ... olume1.pdf

I also tried for volume 2, and it works. ... olume2.pdf

The following document has an interesting note.


Bologna 1946
Petrarch from the American Type Founders. Based
on the 15th century handwriting of Antonio
Sinibaldi. Design modified and cut at Stephenson Blake.

end quote

The following is another link.

Section 3.3.2 has an illustration of some letters from the Bologna font.

Searching at Google for Antonio Sinibaldi gives a number of links, which I will try to follow.

William Overington

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