Load vs Unload

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Load vs Unload

Post by MajorPayne »

I need to understand the mechanics. Because the process now seems clunky unless I'm missing something.

Load fonts > complete my Illustrator project > close MainType > shutdown the computer.

Start computer > open Illustrator project > Illustrator warns of missing fonts > open MainType, fonts appear to be loaded (blue dot). Fonts apparently are not loaded because Illustrator is warning they are not.

Right click on fonts > click "Load Selected Fonts" > blue dot disappears > Right click on fonts > click "Load Selected Fonts" > blue dot appears > Illustrator warning closes.

Does MT unload fonts after closing, and if so why does the blue dot persist?
Erwin Denissen
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Re: Load vs Unload

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Actually after a reboot, the blue dots should all be gone, as the fonts are not automatically reloaded after a reboot. That will only happen with installed fonts, so there is clearly something wrong in MainType.

We will look into this.
Erwin Denissen
Proven Font Technology
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